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From The Sheol To The Apeiron

by Obscura Qalma

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Illusion’s realm, I’m drowning in Feel trapped within this dream Reflecting void, my timeless soul I’ll rise and rule this world Wrath, dread, breaching the veil Reap, sow, witness, corrupt Dream, fade, decay this soil Sprouting disgust! I have control over this realm All order overwhelmed My power bends reality As my dream world now ends Words, hymns, forswear the light Rites, obsession, breaking your fate Swear, deceit, crumple this coil Crushing its core! Let despair break in and go beyond Annihilate Through with all delusions, yet alive Allowed to kill Denied your life, denied your words As a king I’ll reign alone You’ll always serve, your defection This scheme is my projection The dream has faded and power erupts in my mind My misanthropic perception unravels as Godly obsession Conflict, peace, just as I saw Plagues, relief, all vain and fake Sin, remorse, decay this soil Unshackled, subvert! Prayers engraving on my hands Scars that shake this mortal soil My world overlaps in time As past and future collide I will break the rules and see society’s fall As fire cleanses the earth and reaps this world!
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Despair folds with your kind at last in remorse Beauty collapses in time There is no chance to survive in abandon From above, no aid to provide He has a plan to kill you all and purity is - MORS He gave you pain and death to eradicate still I shall welcome all mankind, embrace you all in pain As I dominate this reign and save you from his deeds Ego sum Alpha et Omega, principium et finis. Heu Quomodo cecidi de caelo Sicut fulgur decidi damnatus in profundum. Habeo claves mortis et inferni I am bearing the Light to seed the truth, hidden by undue powers, to overthrow I am bearing the Light to seed riots, fought by obscure powers, vindictive!
The strength to bend and shape A thrill shook, bestow all fate A twisted smile it cracks my face, revealing what’s inside Possessed and weak while departing from death My soul tortured by its weary rise Seducing dust and approaching Light In grim realms of darkness I see it A step inside of this poisoned place, a step inside, true evil arise I’m the king of a stillborn reign, dwelling in my dreams I’m the realm itself, I compose everything that I can see I’ll never mind which lesser creatures can feel all this pain I’ll bring you strife – and I’ll smile whenever you will bleed Desire for pain, it is feeding now, this fiend feels no remorse The scars are maps for all evil deeds The scars are maps: show me the path This heart of darkness, feast on life This heart is dark as corrupted as pure
I walk in a misty lie, crashing against this grey wall Sinking in a maze of haze, I walk in a dingy trance I take a chance at escape, reality reversing Unwanted, forgotten remembrance, for this world now to collapse I’ve distant dreams of a world so near Reality of deceit in the mist I need to leave, I feel I’ll faint, above me just ignorance A strangled scream, my pain echoes sick A storm already doomed to break My senses are lying; this isn’t what it seems Confused, I can’t escape, I want to go behind the maze The world revolves around me I lose my sight, I lose my mind Want to avoid yet crave my collapse Feel like I’m drowning, my instinct of strife comes alive


released April 5, 2019

Music & lyrics © Obscura Qalma


all rights reserved



Obscura Qalma Venice, Italy

Symphonic death metal from Venice, Italy.

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